Live DNA testing went ahead for a durational period of 3 hours during a London Exhibition. 65 members of the public filled out consent forms to allow for the testing of the ‘Maverick’ entrepreneurial gene which is in current research findings at Oxford University. Buccall swabs were taken from willing participants and tested over the period of two weeks.

This Black Sheep live artwork reflects on a human quality highly valued in our society – that of entrepreneurialism or ‘maverick’ attitude. The brief was to help Black Sheep Brewery increase its audience, generate new fans and amplify the story of its ‘going-against-the-herd’ beginnings into a bigger brand. We asked you to submit yourself to a DNA test to check for the genetic traits that make successful maverick entrepreneurs. After submission, your sample will be processed and, a month later, you will receive confirmation of whether or not you’re a Black Sheep.